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Best Cinematographer Award Winning

Asian American Film Lab 72 hour Shootout / July 2016


The award for Best Cinematography went to  HIDEKI SHIOTA of Nascent Productions, led by team captain:  Micah Stinson for the film "This is Not the Truth."

Watch Painting’s Stylized Video for ‘You Were Right All Along’ (Exclusive)

The Wall Street Journal / July 2015


Jazz pianist Emanuel Ruffler and drummer Kassa Overall make music alongside, but not necessarily with, each other in their duo project Painting, which left plenty of room for video interpretations of their new tunes by Brooklyn filmmaker Hideki Shiota. His clip for “You Were Right All Along” premieres today on Speakeasy.

Painting - "Inside a Cup / Unsure" (video) (premiere)

Poppmatters / June 2015


Pianist/producer Emanuel Ruffler has joined forces with drummer/producer/rapper Kassa Overall to create the jazz duo Painting, and they’re set to release their debut EP Gravity later this summer. Additionally, they’ve teamed up with filmmaker Hideki Shiota to make a haunting, stylish new video for the composition “Inside a Cup / Unsure”, which we’re glad to premiere.


“What does [the title] mean?” Ruffler says. “A moment of transition, between two sips of water? A perfectly round reflection in a tiny sake cup? What does the listener imagine? Both Kassa and I create our own image and instructions. This piece is a perfect example of the associative process we use to create music and visuals.”

‘Gravity’ EP lets listeners see the music

The Seattle Times / August 2015


Seattle jazz lovers who have been following the high-school scene will remember Kassa Overall, drummer with the Garfield band a decade-and-a-half back. After graduating from Oberlin Conservatory in 2006, Overall moved to New York, where he became pianist Geri Allen’s drummer of choice and also a respected producer on the hip-hop scene.

Painting duo debut

MARLBANK / July 2015


The pieces are very brief, as short as just under two minutes on ‘Straight Emptiness / Like a Glass Inside of Glass’, the longest the opener and extravagantly titled ‘Gravity Pushes Me Down While Bubbles Rise to the Top.’


Theirs is a poetic hugely immersive highly intellectualised style, the power in their ideas contained within the exploitation of space, silence and freedom.

Painting - "You Were Right All Along" (Video)

NEXTBOP>COM / July 2015


"You Were Right All Along" off their upcoming EP out next month. It's a time lapse video of various parts of New York that fits in perfectly with this moody music. Check out the video after the jump.

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